Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sean Weathers

I Wish Mandy Would Break Ryan's Heart

This evening, last year's sky
passed over my eyes,
the same binding clouds
clenching a fallen sun
into that same familiar wink;
again, the breeze found its way
beneath the blue
tin-roofed house,
under the same faded shirt
hanging from bones
wreaking of old mornings.

This evening, last year's words
broke into the same strangled sounds,
the same dark transient thoughts
searching through closed windows
like a cat watching finches,
shattering gold through glass—I
cannot say if my breath
has caused this dew
to stream down my windows,
but I have seen love
and tasted seasoned, honest words.

Sean's message: i am currently teaching English in Kazakhstan and will be for the next two years. blogger is blocked here, but for some reason i am able to get on my dashboard, so i can at least read pieces and submit my work. so i'm sorry in advance for never commenting on anyone's work...hopefully i will be able to figure something out eventually.