Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Satu Kaikkonen

the will of the mind

the dreams are owned by strangers.
                   if I had men they would be he.
he lives far away, in a place, where all the windows are beginning from letter a.
in a place where the nights are under the stars, and
                            dates are speaking eyes smelling as coffee.

he is gone,  and for ever here, as the will of the mind
sticking the bosom of a dream  early in the morning.

                                                               unable to catch I hold his hair through my hands
his smile, his eyes elsewhere
which are seeing another way.

                                                                 so tenderly I would been quiet, quiet, quiet.


gerry boyd said...

perfect! i really like the way you are stretching syntax here.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Gerry,

I always write first in Finnish and then try to translate then somehow - sometimes it's difficult because I don't speak English so much and I don't remember the structure of the sentences or those little words when use as or like for example...

but maybe it gives something to these poems


I think that in here I have managed to catch that feeling that is in there originally in my Finnish writed poems...

Peter Greene said...

Satu, it's lovely. Thank you for sharing your work out here.