Saturday, 9 February 2019

Welcome, Winter

With anticipation, I imagine you are with
your usual entourage this week, at a
pre-party event featuring meteor showers.

Lace-winged snow clumps will spiral
downward, loosened from nimbus clouds,
just as I open the curtains in the morning.

A night of cold complete with thin
ice sheets that crackle and explode
when we walk to collect the newspaper.

Delft jays will shout from bare branches.
Every stalk and bent seed head will sparkle
frost sequins under the moonlight.

Finally, shooting stars will blaze when we
bring in the cat, the last thing at midnight.

elaine reardon


Lise Larsen said...

Very nice to read another good poem from you! Up here in Denmark, we're used to winter. There is too much light here for meteor showers, if
perhaps not at the rural seaside.

ear said...

Yes, you have much more winter. We usually have snow from December through April here, but nothing like you, and with climate change, we've swung back and forth. You must have wonderful Northern lights, though. We see them very rarely.

po johnson said...

Nice poem. I love winter my favorite season.I am happy to live in Norway, we don't see many norhten lights in Olso, but I am often in isolated places in northen Norway in winter, to write and be alone. When I see the norhten lights I think there is something larger than our small world. I am an atheist, but hey. Maybe some connection with norse ancestors? Life in the bad old days seems much more fun than today. Computers, commuting on airplans and statistics. And this comes from a computer scientist! Anyway, sorry, rambling on as usual. But as this is a poetry community, I think I am entiteled to communicate. :) Best wishes, Per-Olav

ear said...

I think you're entitled to communicate, also. It's very rare that we see the northern lights here, and the first time I saw them I was in the center of my town, (Warwick MA, US). It's a mall town of 740 pop, with no lights, other than in buildings.

It was amazing to see columns of color shift and fall from the sky; At first, all I could think of was space aliens. Several people came out from their homes to watch, and we were all in awe.

Jenny said...

Wonderful poem! I could feel the icy air while reading it. Here in Uppsala, Sweden, the winters are "mild", at least if you compare with Siberia. :) I grew up in the north of Sweden and remember real vargavintrar (very, very cold and huge amounts of snow).

I think it is great to see both poems and comments at Rufous Salon! As you say, PO, it is after all a poetry community.

ear said...

Thanks Jenny.
Later today begins a two day snow winter storm for us-- about8-10 inches total , followed by with frozen rain. So I have lots of wood inside for the stove.