Sunday, 3 February 2019

wine synthesis

the hot day in june
on the foggy couch
your humid skin tasted salt
as you taught me to dive
into the stratosphere
without dying

you would not be quiet
telling me
the sea is the only enduring thing
neuroses would not kill us
our bodies wouldn’t stiffen
and i drank your wine
ruthlessly intoxicated

time after entropy
hearing the rattle of machine guns
outside town
falling snow mutes sound outside
and when a shell explodes a couple of blocks away
the blast sends
shockwaves into
your skin and primal harmonies
not even spiced wine, warm cinnamon can
bring back the colour on your costly features
as carbon acid snow falls over frozen defense positions
and the matchstick men
sink into the night

there is a place past entropy
in the center
where amber lantern casts its glow
shadows alive
the sap rises
here we rest while
bumblebees and gnats hoover
over our subterranean bodies
wine synthesis of
spider web dew and bodily fluids

©  Anders Enochsson


Jenny said...

Superb poem! Dynamic as always. The images are strong and impossible to escape. The poem feels like a primal scream.

Lise Larsen said...

I want to drink that strange drink! So very good!

Anders Enochsson said...

You're so kind Lise! :)

Anders Enochsson said...

Thanks Jenny! I am very glad you liked it! :)

po johnson said...

Oh, hard rock poems I always had a spot for. Not soft, but a spot definitely.

ear said...

Such strong imagery.

po johnson said...

i didn't mean i did not like this poem! I really think it was wonderful. Edgy and raw in a nice way.

Anders Enochsson said...

Elaine, thank you for the comments. PO, haha no hard feelings!

ear said...

I don't understand the 'no hard feelings. ? Its a really good poem; It feels seductive, romantic & gritty all at once, and the more I read it, the more it shows me it's own rhythm. Best read aloud..

Anders Enochsson said...

Elaine, I think PO seemed anxious about his comments, perhaps he thought I was insulted by his comment since I didn’t answer. I just didn't have the time just then. And of course, i wasn't insulted.

ear said...

Thanks for the explanation... sometimes cultural understanding is a little different in understanding comments/ all round/ not just here. This poem gets juicier every time I return; I think I need to print it out and continue to watch it.